Playstation Home Updates

It’s always the same in Home, they announce something and you think, yeah that might be cool, so you go and check it out and it’s either passable or just boring, and you never go back to it either way.

This week they’ve launched a host of new spaces and items. The Audi space and Sodium One are the main two, but there’s also items you can buy based on LBP and other things.

The Audi space’s main reason for existence is the special game, which looks a lot like wipeout but with an Audi. The objective in the game is relatively simple. You try to build up as much speed as possible and then drive off the end of a large ramp. The further you fly, the higher the score. If you get a high enough score, you can unlock an Audi Apartment. I’m not sure what the required score is, and I probably won’t get it, but it’s cool for the people who get it.

In the end though, this space, like all the others except the original bowling alley, has next to no replay value.

The other space, called Sodium One is much the same story. The space includes multiple mini-games but it also asks you to purchase the full versions of these games to play at higher levels.

If the games were really fun and controlled well then fair enough, but in my opinion the hover tank game controlled very loosely and it didn’t feel very satisfying.