PSN Video Store: Why so late?

The video store was originally announced and released in the US at E3 2008, that’s right, a year and a half ago. So why then does Sony feel that it’s appropriate to make a song and dance about the feature when it finally releases in select European countries?

I mean it is cool in a way that we finally have it, but it’s not like they’re doing anything truly mind blowing with this whatsoever. It’s the same exact thing the US has had for 18 months. Not to mention, we probably have far less content than they currently have access to. I believe there are currently no TV shows whatsoever, despite the fact that iTunes has a large selection, and the PSN store US also boasts a vast library.

I hate to complain but I just feel as if they’ve taken their time for no reason, like so many things video games related Europe and the rest of the world.

As for the pricing of this service, I’m not sure why but it seems a little lofty to me. I mean granted, I haven’t been to a blockbusters for years but I would have thought that about £3-5 is a bit excessive for one HD movie rental when I can get a subscription to something like lovefilm, or netflix in the US for about £10-£15 a month which provides unlimited movies which is ultimately surely far better value for most people.

Not to mention that I don’t believe that many people have the hard drive space or internet connection to be bothered with downloading huge HD movie files only to delete them when they’re done. It’s a huge waste of time and especially when you’re buying movies, a huge waste of your precious hard drive space that you need for game installs, patches, DLC and more.

The main advantage of a service like this, as with iTunes, is that you get the cross-compatibility between the PS3 and PSP which is cool, but you need to have a big memory stick to even fit the SD movies on, and the whole thing just isn’t as streamlined as it could be.

I guess if Sony came out with a subscription service which was competitive with lovefilm I might be interested. Either that, or do the same as netflix and bring lovefilm streaming directly to the PS3. I also need them to bring TV shows to the service because that’s what I’m most interested in watching.

They have set the groundwork for a possibly great service but at the moment it seems a little half-hearted. I hope they continue to roll out new features and I’m sure they will soon.