Critter Crunch Review

Before I get to reviewing this game, I just have to say that you really should get this, for reasons I’ll disclose as we proceed.

Firstly, this game is stunning to look at. It runs at full 1080p and you can tell. It has a beautiful hand-drawn art style that lends itself perfectly to this type of game.

Secondly, the gameplay is great. I played this on the iPod touch after I found out about the game through the Playstation Blog. I thought it was fun on the app store, but the controls were a bit iffy at times.

None of those complains are applicable in this PSN downloadable game. The d-pad movement and button control just gives such precision it’s a joy to play. The game features a full story mode, which is very well presented for a game like this. It’s more than you would expect definitely. It also features a variety of other modes like puzzle and survival as well as co-op and versus play both online and offline.

I did manage to play a game of vs online but in the end I liken this to games like street fighter or other fighters where unless you consider yourself very capable, then I would steer clear because it will be difficult for you to win even one game.

The presentation of the game is top-notch. The menus and little details in the game are great. Things like when the main character biggs dances at the end of a level, or when his son smalls comes onto the screen in a comedic speedy fashion, it’s hard not to laugh every time you see those things.

This is so much so that even when I lost a game online and all the critters fell down and got into a scrap with biggs, that made me laugh.

The final reason you should get this game is that it’s by a small independent company, Capybara games and not only should you support them for the game itself, but because they’re charging a very reasonable price for it. £4.45 on the PSN is great considering the recent trend of increasing the prices of most new games to around £7.99 or more.

So in conclusion, if you have a PS3 and you can afford to part with £4.45 then I strongly recommend you check this game out. It’s near impossible that you’ll regret it. I can’t wait to see what Capy do next.