Playstation Digital Comics First Look

Sony are giving away free comics at the moment to help people get a feel for what the service is going to offer when it goes live in mid December,

Only one of the three comics are downloading for me. They’ve been giving away multiple codes on the blog and on twitter as well as the new playstation comics website. It appears as though the other two are US only at this point unless they’re just having some technical issues that are preventing the codes from working.

However, I have had a chance to check out how the app works with a transformers comic. I have to say it is a well designed service from what I’ve seen so far. Personally I can’t see myself using anything other than the auto-flow mechanic which automatically moves to the correct panel when you press the left or right d-pad buttons for moving forwards and backwards through the issue.

I have been interested in this service since it was announced and I can definitely see myself using it. Since there is no official app on the app store for comics, the PSP service seems to be the best available for now. I guess the Apple tablet will be the next big thing in digital comics if it does happen, but that will be a way off if it even happens.

As far as this service goes though, I’m interested to see what their strategy is regarding price and selection. They really need to get DC on board as well as the independents. As with anything like this, the more content, the better.

Not only do they nice a wide variety of content providers, they also need to of course get a great selection of comics from each publisher. My guess is that they will be releasing mainly classic back-issues and notable mini-series or creative team runs on books, rather than releasing new issues every week.

I’d love to see new books but I’m sure there will still be cool stuff to read from the back catalogue. There’s plenty of source material they can access for sure.

as someone who is into reading comics but who gave up buying individual issues because of space concerns, digital comics do appeal to me. The only comic I now buy is Invincible and I only buy it in trades when they get released every 6 months or so. If digital comics takes off, I could end up using the PSP or potentially other devices in the future to read instead, while combating clutter at the same time.

If you have a PSP, all you have to do is download the latest software update and download the reader from the XMB. You can find the codes you need for the free samples on the PS Blog, Their twitter account and the official playstation comics site.