New Super Mario Bros. Review pt. 1

I just started playing New Super Mario Bros and I’ve got to the second world so far. I’ve mostly played 2 player so far and we had fun but at the same time, the game can be very frustrating when you mess up something you know you can make, and then have to restart the level because of it. I suppose that’s nothing new for a Mario game, I had the same annoyances with the DS game recently too.

I do like the game and multiplayer is definitely more fun. When I went back to the game a little while ago today by myself, I ended up giving up without completing a level because I made a couple of mistakes at critical times. I guess you just need to be in the right frame of mind and I wasn’t today.

It’s very weird for a game that’s so traditionally punishing to be marketed by Nintendo as a casual family game.

As if it isn’t difficult enough single player, multi-player really ups the ante the more players you add in. This is partly because of the camera which in a similar way to LBP, zooms out and makes things tricky. Not only that but you can’t occupy the same exact space as each other. This means that on tight areas of the course, you have to spread out to avoid pushing each other into the lava or bottomless pit by accident.

For this reason, it’s definitely advisable to stick with 2 players if you can, but obviously you’ll have chaotic fun with more also, it’s all about personal preference.

Check back soon for part 2 of the review, but just to clarify for the time being, you should own this if you have a Wii. Just be prepared to take the frustrations with the fun.

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