Left 4 Dead 2 Early Impressions

I pre-ordered L4D2 on Steam a while ago but it took me a while to get around to playing it over the other new games that came out this week. I have now had the chance to play the first couple of levels and the title leaves me sitting on the fence at the moment.

On one hand it’s hard not to like the concept of the game and the way it feels to play. What I don’t like though is the ridiculous difficulty level in the game even on easy.

It may just be that I ended up playing one of the hardest campaigns on my first time online in the new game but even so, you would think it would be doable on the easiest difficulty level at least, but it really feels incredibly punishing, possibly more so than NSMB.

I’ll try practicing a bit more in the next little while and see whether my opinion changes in accordance. Regardless of my own personal experience, I can see how L4D2 will appeal to a lot of gamers and will undoubtedly be another big success for Valve.

More soon.