Going back to the MW2 PC Server Issue

After listening to a recent episode of Kotaku Talk Radio and hearing how guys at IW were threatened and had accounts either duplicated or hacked on forums just proves my point that gamers are just absolutely insane.

Some PC gamers especially in this case just show themselves to be inconsiderate bullies and frankly a disgrace to the gaming community as a whole.

I do understand that they do lose some things like the ability to change the rules to a large extent except what IWNet offer. However, after playing MW2 PC I can say that I love the new design.

The reason my brother originally wanted to get the PC was to get another version apart from the PS3 game which he could play sometimes as a change. What he ended up getting is essentially exactly what he wanted. The PC version provides the same fantastic matchmaking that gets you into a game in seconds with no fuss whatsoever. No searching through a seemingly endless list of severs to find a game, only simplicity and easy of use, which is surely preferable for a large percentage of users, and even the gamers who are complaining I’m sure will warm to it in the end.

If they don’t, well there’s plenty of other games to be playing. I mean Counter Strike is still going strong so there’s always that as an option.