Windows 7 Thoughts

Well yesterday I received my free upgrade to 7 from Dell and so far it has gone quite smoothly. Everything seems to work well and there’s only been a couple of small issues.

I’m a big fan of the new taskbar mostly. To be honest, it’s the only real clear difference between the two versions. Obviously there’s a lot better going on under the hood, but most people won’t notice it at all.

I can’t say I’ve noticed a big performance boost so far but I’m sure it is a bit faster.

I’ve had some issues with the icons in the taskbar would snap back when I tried to re-order them, mainly with thunderbird, but it seems ok now. Another worrying thing was when the internet stopped working for a while. When it was working on my macbook and ps3 I started to think maybe it was an issue with spyware or something. Because of what happened to our last pc that caused us to need a new one, I was concerned that the 15 mins or so the pc spent with no security software installed after the upgrade could have provided an opportunity for it to get hacked.

After a modem reboot it started working again so it must have been either an issue I created by changing home network settings or possibly just a random virgin media issue that only effected one computer in the house.

Overall, if you have vista you are essentially guaranteed to be compatible with 7 and I strongly suggest you get the upgrade. Obviously if you aren’t eligible for a free upgrade then the retail price will be an issue, but I think it’s worth upgrading even for the inflated price.