Wii Fit Plus Review

Wii Fit Plus doesn’t officially come out in the UK until Friday. However, I was lucky enough to get mine early mainly because of how weird the mail system has been recently. Stores have been sending their games early to make up for strikes, but it ended up getting to me early instead which is always nice.

As far as the game itself goes though, It’s clear that this is another of of Nintendo’s patented “barely enough” type of games where they literally give you just enough new to stop you from feeling ripped off, but it’s not by a lot.

They do make a few good advanced in this updated version. The most notable is probably the My Wii Fit Plus menu where you can select from pre-made workouts designed for usefulness in a particular area of the body, or what mood your currently in.

This is helpful but for me personally, I mostly play the aerobic exercises and these workouts only let you include Yoga and Muscle workouts. That’s great for people who enjoy those exclusively but for me I have not much reason to use the feature going forward. As far as Yoga and Muscle workouts go, there are only 2 or 3 new in each of those categories so its not like you’re getting double the amount in this new pack.

There are also quite a few new games included in Plus. Some are definitely worth playing again but quite a few are also more novelties and once you play them once or twice for fun with family or friends, once you go back again for mostly fitness purposes, they won’t be very appealing.

Skateboarding in theory is something I would enjoy. The issue with it though is that it is incredibly fiddly, just like snowboarding and skiing that are returning from the first Wii Fit. I used to skateboard and I can say that in real life, if you’re just trying to skate along the ground in a straight line, it’s not very difficult once you get the hang of it. This is way too sensitive and is too frustrating to make me want to keep going back to it.

Multiplayer was something I wished the first one had so when I found that it was going to be in this one, I was excited. In the end though it’s pretty poorly executed in my opinion.

In the original game, if you wanted to play multiplayer and compete with scores rather than everyone playing as the same mii and confusing the leaderboards, you had to log out and re-log in as the other person. This was a big waste of time.

In this version, you can do quick multiplayer switching but in a multiplayer session the scores each person gets in that particular session are erased when you leave. As we like to compete with scores over time it means we have to do it the manual way still. This new mode will be fun for people who don’t care about the scores and just want to have fun, but it’s strange that they didn’t do something so seemingly simple.

My next issue is the price. Yes, it is a discounted game. However, I don’t think its discounted enough. £17.99 seems to much to me for what is essentially less that half a game in terms of content.

What they’ve got in this package count be £5 worth of DLC and a patch for most other publishers. Of course the Wii doesn’t really do downloadable content for the most part. So yeah I wanted to get into wii fit again and this gives me a reason to do that, but for a few new mini-games and a semi-broken multiplayer component, not to mention an old game that is completely useless. It can’t be sold because everyone already has one, or wouldn’t have a board to use it with.

As I already mentioned, this should be £5 DLC if it wasn’t on the Wii, and because it is, £10 would seem reasonable as a simple upgrade, and £15 max. Of course they’re trying to make money, but there just isn’t a ton of content here. After a few hours you’ll feel like your just playing Wii Fit.

I would say there are two audiences for this. Casual families who won’t get bored quickly, and people who are serious about using it as a fitness tool rather than a game and will make heavy use of the new custom workouts. Otherwise, unless you love every new mini-game I would say don’t bother with this unless you can get it reduced.