F1 Season Thoughts

I don’t think I mentioned this online before, but I am a really big fan of F1 racing.

I’m not even that into cars. I don’t drive and I don’t have any plans to learn. However, racing is really appealing anyway. It’s competitive, highly skilful and intense.

Of course, the big news right now is that Jenson Button won the drivers title and Brawn GP (formerly Honda) somehow won the constructors title to go along with it. It’s a great story and even though it was touch and go for a while as we saw other teams get closer in performance, they managed to pull it out and it’s great to see.

Jenson really deserves it after the time he’s had in past years. He hasn’t had the opportunity to show how good a driver he is until now unlike someone like Lewis Hamilton who came straight into a leading car in his first season.

There may be doubts about whether or not Jenson would have been successful had it not been for the performance advantage they had at the beginning of the season. However, F1 is about team and driver combined and you can also look at how he outscored Rubens Barrichello in the first half of the season despite them being in the same car.

It’s clear then that Jenson is a worthy champion and I hope he comes back next year with a monkey off his back and just going for broke. It’s exciting to imagine what he could be capable of when he’s feeling totally relaxed and at one with the car. I also hope that he stays with the Brawn team. It seems very likely that he will because of the emotional ties they have, and he’s not a greedy guy from what I can tell. He took a very big pay cut at the beginning of the season in order to just get on the grid at all, so he clearly isn’t too concerned with the money side of things.

The only thing left to say is I hope he goes to Abu-Dhabi totally relaxed and gives a performance worthy of a champion. A win would really prove it to any doubters and end the year on a great high.