Apple Announcements

Apple today announced a plethora of new products. All of which were leaked online before-hand. Before I get into the detail on everything, I must say that I’m incredibly disappointed about the new MacBook.

The rumours going around were that Apple were going to lower the cost of the MacBook by a significant margin. In the end, they not only failed to do that but instead, they actually increased the price by £100. Honestly I have no idea what they are thinking. I assume the reason they increased the price is because they took the uni-body design of the aluminium MacBook Pros and applied that same principal to plastic. While it may be impressive that they did that, it’s also very poorly thought out in my opinion.

This new macbook is essentially the same specs as the 13 inch pro model but plastic instead of aluminium. I think the only difference in specs other than possibly different ports is a bigger hard drive on the macbook. But then who really cares about that? Surely the pro audience would want a bigger hard drive anyway.

So why wouldn’t you just spend the £100 extra to get the pro? Well yes, it is essentially the same, but they aren’t offering really anything useful with the macbook. It’s not quite a high end laptop, and it’s certainly not a consumer laptop in terms of pricing, so what the hell do Apple think they’re going to achieve with this? If you can tell me, I’d love to know.

They continue to ignore the netbook space entirely, which is weird considering it’s growing so fast. I’m sure they will think that the tablet they will release is going to fill that gap. If it’s more than £300 or so then it will probably be more of a niche item.

Moving on to the iMac now, it looks impressive. At the same time, if you didn’t know what you were looking for, you wouldn’t really notice a lot of difference in my opinion. The real changes are on the inside. If you go to the official page of the iMac and watch the video you will see what I mean. The design has been great before and the performance is improved, but the price is the real issue. They should be being more aggressive and they aren’t.

So the iMac is very consistent, and still a great desktop computer for people who are ok with the price, and don’t care too much about games.

The Mac Mini is much the same. They’ve boosted the specs a bit and kept the pricing the same. Not much else to say. The issue I’ve always had with it is that it’s too much money for an entry level system. I bought a Dell Inspiron 545 over it and I don’t regret that decision. It’s just so much more value for your money.

Now moving on to the new Magic Mouse. I have to say this this looks great. As many people, I was not a fan of the Mighty Mouse. I bought one and the scroll ball stopped scrolling down. Only up. This made using it incredibly frustrating. This one looks to get rid of this problem entirely by using just gestures to scroll and do all kinds of multi-touch things. It will definitely be interesting to see how well it works.

That about covers everything. Overall I was impressed with the iMac and the Magic Mouse, so so on the Mac Mini and beyond disappointed with the MacBook. I’ll be keeping my first gen MacBook as long as I can and be hoping for a price cut by the time I decide to upgrade.