Scribblenauts Mini-Review

This game is a really cool DS game. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a game where you solve puzzles and complete tasks by using anything you can think of. Most nouns will be recognized and placed into your game when you type them in.

I haven’t got that far through it yet but I can definitely say that it fills the need I bought it for. I wanted something fresh and fun to get me playing my DS again. I haven’t really touched it in quite a while but this definitely reignited my love for the system.

The only real issue with the game is the control set-up. You control the main character, Maxwell with all touch controls. The stylus also is used to manipulate items in the world and therefore sometimes things can not do what you intend.

Obviously with such a broad scope for the game you can accept most of these issues, but I think the game woujld have benefited a lot by using the d-pad and face buttons to control Maxwell and keeping the touch controls exclusively for interacting with objects. Hopefully a sequel can address these issues but it’s a shame that they hinder the experience a bit when they didn’t have to with this game when it could have easily been avoided.

Regardless of control problems, it has a lot of charm and it’s truly astounding that they took such an out-there concept and actually pulled it off very successfully. If you have a DS and are looking for something to play then you can’t go far wrong with Scribblenauts.