EA Sports raise their game

The thing that sports games remind me is that its not all about epic storylines and frantic online shooters. If a game is fun then that’s all that matters in the end.

I just got NBA live 10 and FIFA 10 and I can say that both are really fun.

I haven’t been able to play much of FIFA so far but it definity feels better to play. NBA even more so feels so much more fun.

The real interesting thing to note though is how EA have sort of made a comeback over their competitors while they both stumble.

The NBA 2k series has generally been seen as better over the last few years. Same with the pro evo series for quite some time.

I’ve always prefered EA and it’s fully licenced games more. Possibly more a childhood routine than anything else. Regardless of whether or not both games were the best in their genres before, I certainly believe FIFA has been very good the last couple of years and that this year is the breakout year for the live franchise.

If your a fan of either sport, you can’t really go wrong with either game.