New Blog Layout

It feels like I’ve been on K2 forever but tonight I decided to make a change.

The main reason I decided it was the right time was because I finally went ahead and tried the auto-upgrade to the new version of wordpress using my webhost, bluehost’s service. I was certainly very nervous and expected for it to all go disastrously wrong. Luckily I ended up not needing my backup and it all went smoothly.

The only issue appeared to be that 2.8.4 of WordPress doesn’t seem to like K2 very much. The version I had anyway. I looked to see if I could find a newer version of it and the official website ( did seem to be updated.

I tried to install it using the quick install from a zip file in the new wordpress dashboard but it wouldn’t do it because there was already a folder called K2. I could have got around that but instead I thought it was time to get a fresh theme so I had a look through the database on

I found there to be a distinct lack of stylish, minimal designs so it took me ages to find one I liked. There’s a cool new layout called P2 which is modelled to be like twitter. It’s really cool looking but not very easily customisable. Plus, I didn’t really have a group blog so it didn’t seem the right choice.

Eventually I found a template which I had tried out once before called Hemingway. It’s a cool, simple theme which I think looks very stylish and fitted my requirements perfectly.

The only issue with that theme is that it hasn’t been updated to work with wordpress widgets. What I ended up doing was searching on google for “hemingway wordpress theme widgets” and found a site where a guy had made an updated version based on the design by the original author. This one does work with widgets and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. I would have preferred an official update of the original but the guy has done a good job on this version for the most part. Except that his site is called Ninja Monkeys or something which is a little dumb sounding.

Regardless of the name, it’s a cool theme and will suit me fine for the next little while. I’ve also been experimenting with Blogger and Tumblr recently. They both have cool features about them, but for my full-on blogging, I can’t see myself moving away from wordpress now.