My switch to Safari lasted about a couple of hours

It’s quite interesting. When I finally got my MacBook fixed and got everything installed and running again, one of the first things I said was that I was not going to bother with Firefox and Thunderbird and instead just stick with Safari and Apple Mail.

Well it didn’t last long. Safari I like in a way but only really because it copies from Chrome. I love using Chrome. It’s fantastic.

The reasons why I went back to firefox as my main browser on my macbook:

1. Safari doesn’t do command – enter to put the http://www. and .com around any word you put in. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they would ignore that. And don’t give me that BS about how you can just press enter and it does it. It doesn’t. It just goes to a virgin media search page that they somehow hacked and made my browser go to. Firefox and Chrome do it. Why can’t you Safari? The weirdest thing is that the PC version of Safari actually does do this.

2. Safari won’t let you search wikipedia from the search box.

I put Google as my homepage always. I like the simplicity of it and just having it there when I open the browser. Therefore, having a google search box is a total waste. I want wikipedia search there. Firefox makes it easy to modify the search engines. Chrome is less easy but you can still do it without too much trouble.

One thing that Safari does do well though is the top sites window. I like how just like in Chrome (because they copied google) you get all your favourite sites when you open a new tab. I really like this, and it’s one reason why I use chrome over firefox on a PC.

However, even though Safari copied Chrome, I like how in Safari you can have far more pages stored (because I frequent more than 8 sites). Hopefully the next updates in chrome allow you to make use of all that extra white space with extra visited sites.

Moving on to Mail. Well, mail is good, but the way I like my mail is to access via pop to thunderbird and then put everything I view in thunderbird in the all mail folder in the web version when I log into that. Because of mail accessing the account via IMAP it messed it all up and caused a lot of spam to come through to my inbox. Basically, I’m used to my current set up and I’m going to keep it that way for the time being.

I just thought of this and wanted to quickly share.

Thanks for reading.