Not so much a mac traitor anymore

Recently I’ve been working on getting my macbook fixed and up and running again. After a bit of communication with an Apple Reseller and Apple support, I ended up getting replacement tiger restore discs for free which is pretty cool. I was frustrated when I couldn’t find them. I remember using them a while ago but I didn’t really feel like I would need them again so I was lazy and didn’t make an effort to put them away in the box the computer came in. Luckily Apple bailed me out without charging me, despite me being 800 or so days out of warranty.

They definitely know how to look after their customers. After getting confirmed that I got the replacement discs for free, I decided to buy the mac box set so that I could get the new OS, plus the new iLife and iWork suites of apps.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to swap out the hard drives easily and then I’ll be able to install tiger and then snow leopard. People have talked about how snow leopard is an incremental update and that is definitely the case. However, as someone who hasn’t experienced leopard first hand, it will be a new experience regardless, plus I will get a lot of the speed advantages of the new OS. The only downside is that I have the original core duo chip, and not the 64-bit core 2 duo, but that’s ok.

I’m really looking forward to wednesday to see what Apple’s event will bring. Personally, I’d love to see a cheap netbook but it’s not looking very likely. It seems to me that Apple are more than ever shunning buyers who just want a cheap but good system, in favor of blowing everyones socks off with fancy unibody enclosures and shiny aluminum. A touch screen tablet kind of system has been rumored for ages, but I can’t say I’m particularly excited about it if it happens, unless it’s relatively affordable.

We’ll see on Wednesday.