Sony can't sell me a PSPgo

I loved them yesterday, but I honestly can’t believe they would consider charging £225 for the PSPgo. Regardless of whether you minus the cost of GT PSP from that or not, it’s still a ridiculous price for people who already have a PSP. For people who don’t have one, yes I would reccomend it. But this isn’t PSP 2 and that high price for essentially an unchanged system with some built in memory is way over the top.

I think £170 including a free copy of GT PSP would have sold me. Too bad Sony are being stupid and trying to compete with the iPod touch because they simply can’t. The only area PSP beats iPod Touch in is gaming. Everywhere else it pales in comparison by miles. Even the DS has a better web browser than PSP. They should be competing with DSi not ipod Touch and they will pay for it.

Now they will bring out an updated version of an old portable system for only £25 less than a PS3 Slim. Absolutely ridiculous Sony. What the hell are you doing?

So if you don’t have a PSP and your ok with digital downloads being your only way to get games (beware, downloads will probably be more expensive than store bought UMDs) then absolutely get a PSPgo. If you own either a 2000 or 3000 then I would suggest avoiding it for the time being, unless you have the money to burn. If you have an original PSP, maybe it’s about time to upgrade but it’s still not like you have to.

When you think about what you can buy for £225 when you already have a PSP, it makes it incredibly hard to justify this new model.

Motorstorm Arctic Edge
Socom fireteam bravo 3
16GB memory stick pro duo

that’s only about £170. That leaves me room for other things like Fat Princess PSP, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe and the WipEout PSP games.