The PS3 80gb and 360 Elite prices don't make sense

I just realised that in the US, the PS3 80gb and the 360 elite both cost $399 which is fair enough and in my opinion you’re getting a far better value for money with the PS3 when they are both the same price. Blu-ray drive, wi-fi, free online, rechargable controllers…. I’ve said it a million times so moving on.

In the UK however, the same systems cost £220 for the 360 elite and around £290 – £300 for the PS3. That’s a £70 – 80 increase in price for as far as I can see, absolutely nothing.

So what this essentially means is that Sony believe that silencing the american audience by keeping the prices even there is good, while allowing the price to still be considerably higher in the UK / Europe, possibly because we’ll probably just buy it anyway. For the sake of common sense and fairness, surely two systems tha cost the same amount in one territory should also cost the same in the others right? I just don’t understand how Sony could do this to their customers.

Sony really need to get with the program and even this stuff out, because right now it’s clearly not fair to charge more in one region when their competitors don’t. Plus, even though the elite for some reason I will never understand, doesn’t have wi-fi, at least Microsoft have the sense and decency to put an HDMI cable in the box so you can get the most out of the system. I don’t want to think about the number of people playing their PS3 on composite cables on an HD TV. It boggles the mind really. I have a friend who has a 360 who I know is doing that. I tried to talk him round but he essentially ignored my good advice. But yeah what can you do.

It’s not even that I’m worried about how exchange rates often don’t match up from currency to currency. What really counts is that the systems should be the same price in each region, even if they are both more expensive than in other countries.