Nintendo's Report Card for Wii

IGN AU just did an article on Nintendo and the Wii, and it just got me thinking about what I would personally give them. They did the article in a good cop / bad cop style where one guy would give the pros and the other would come back with the negatives.

Personally, Wii is getting better with motionplus, and that’s fantastic. But at the same time, I play these games through and then after that I don’t go back to them like I do PS3 games.

I loved grand slam tennis and tiger woods. Conduit was good not great and Wii Sports Resort was definitely good from a technology point of view, but has very little lasting appeal. However, Nintendo doesn’t get the kind of gamer I am. Now that I know for sure that EA are postponing Grand Slam Tennis for PS3 and 360 so that they can add motion controls to them, I have to say that if the PS3 version is like what I’m hoping it will be, then there is very little chance I will buy the game on Wii.

Nintendo, I want good online play, a Nintendo Wi-fi username and the ability to add friends and communicate with people in games, I want trophies / achievements and I want better graphics and motionplus controls.

You aren’t giving me any of these, and to be honest, when I’m enjoying amazing games like Uncharted, inFamous and other stuff on PS3, why should I care what you’re doing? I’m absolutely not a Nintendo hater. I buy these games and I support them, but a lot of the time I wonder why I do afterwards.

I also just want to mention that Modern Warfare 1 coming to Wii at the same time as MW2 for the HD systems is interesting. I feel bad for High Voltage because I am willing to bet that Conduit will be bested in probably every way including maybe controls, by a port of a game that came out 2 years ago. Not only that, but it will probably win game of the year for Wii.

I am excited to see how good Treyarch can make the game and especially the online play, but it really just demonstrates how Nintendo struggle to get hardcore games (especially ones from third parties) to sell well on their system. It will also be very interesting to see if this game sells well. Modern Warfare sold more than 12 million copies over all systems. If it doesn’t sell on Wii then that would be the biggest sign of all that hardcore games will never sell on the system.

I guess now since the IGN guys gave scores for Wii in 2009, I will also. The guys gave them a 4.5 and 6.5 respectively.

If I had to pluck a number from the sky. I’d go with something around a 4, just because I haven’t experienced any game on the system really ever that makes me want to play again and again and the overall lack of great standout titles. The closest would be the EA sports games, but the controls of grand slam tennis made it too noob friendly online. When I played it just got too frustrating with players either holding the lob or drop shot buttons constantly which made the experience incredibly unrealistic and very tedius.

Going back to the topic, Nintendo is doing ok being a party game system with very little replay value but they need to improve in many areas. Oh and where is Excitebots? By the time it comes out I won’t care anymore probably. Well, I said that about the original Excite Truck and I enjoyed that, but this time I may really just not care about the sequal.