inFamous Thoughts / Review

Just before the launch of inFamous, I got invited to download the demo before it got released publically on the store. I already posted about this before. Essentially what I wrote then was that the demo essentially put me off the final game.

I also recently read people say that they thought the demo was a poor representation of the final game. I would agree with that definitely. It throws you into a mission mid-way through the story and really doesn’t ease you in because of that. With the final game, I really liked how the game sort of builds you up slowly and doesn’t throw you in at the deep end as the demo does.

The animation of Cole and the general feeling of the game is really impressive and very fun. I kind of missed having the healing abilities and static thrusters you get given in the demo, but I’m sure I will get those in the next couple of missions.

I’m looking forward to playing more, and I probably will end up buying the game after the rental time runs out. I feel like I probably won’t be able to get through enough of the game in the rental time to consider myself finished with it, especially when I also have uncharted and fat princess to play currently. Plus, I don’t want to rush through the game just to get as many trophies as possible before I have to send the game back.

Overall I would say that most people who like open world action games will enjoy this. As other people have said, it does resemble spider-man 2 quite a lot but at the same time the powers you have and the general feeling make them very different to play.

This is a very good PS3 exclusive that a lot of gamers will be able to enjoy extensively. Sucker Punch have done a great job on this game and it’s definitely going to be going up against Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Killzone as game of the year contenders.