Shatter Review

This game is fantastic. It’s such a great blend of traditional breakout fun with new twists and fantastic modern graphics and music. The gameplay mechanics that they’ve added in which include power collection, sucking and blowing objects to collect power and such and more make this definitely a stand out title on PSN.

The only thing that really holds this game back from being a must have casual game as opposed to a fantastic hardcore game is that someone like my Mum, who loves breakout games and would definitely enjoy the majority of this game. When someone like her would get to a boss battle, they would have trouble completing it and would probably never get past the first one.

So that’s really the only way this game fails. Breakout would traditionally appeal to a more casual audience, and by putting in these boss fights, you’re really limiting the appeal of the game to a large audience. They should have done what PopCap do with games like Bejeweled by including different game modes. In Bejeweled 2 and Bejeweled Twist there are the more hardcore game modes, especially the timed mode in Bejeweled called action. What PopCap does in their games is includes a stress free mode called endless. If they had done that here, the game would have been so much more relaxing and fun just to chill out to. It’s a shame that they chose not to cater more to the casual crowd but it’s stull a very cool game.