Sorry High Voltage but Conduit online really sucks

I really wanted to try Conduit online again today to see if it finally works. I actually got into a game full of people on the first attempt. It didn’t freeze and have everyone else leave. It actually loaded up the game, but then when it went into the game my screen went black except for elements of the Hud. I was stuck and couldn’t do anything. This has happened before too but this time I just was so disappointed because I was trying to show my bro (who is a big sceptic) that the game is actually worth playing.

For games for which the online component is a kind of extra bonus it’s ok if it doesn’t work so good. But in this case especially most people who bought the game bought it for the online play. Therefore, you have to really say that it’s just unnacceptably poor.

I’m not normally the kind of guy to complain and become an “internet person” as I like to call them. However, I’ve supported High Voltage by buying this game and this is what I get for it. A game which causes me to have to turn my console off at the front multiple times and causes me more frustration than fun.

It’s such a shame, because firstly this error might only be happening in Europe, but also and probably more importantly, the actual couple of games I have been able to get into with people in them have actually been really fun and left me wanting more.