Wii Sports Resort Updated Thoughts

Well I did get the game today and I have been playing it quite a lot. I haven’t tried every game but from what I’ve played, I can’t say I’m particularly shocked by anything in it.

One thing that did surprise me though is Basketball. I expected that mode to be pretty average and not really much fun. The 3-point shootout is alright but where this mode really shines is in the 3 on 3 variation. This is really fun and although it would have been nice to have the option of using the nunchuck to have free movement, I feel that in this case it would have hindered the games simplistic charm and fun.

The controls are simple, you have the option to pass to a team-mate by using either the d-pad or A button. From there you can keep passing, dribble the ball with a motion of the wii-remote or shoot by holding B and then doing the shoot motion. I did think before that the shooting wouldn’t have much motionplus to it, but it does actually detect the arc of your motion so it is important to have the correct shooting form. It definitely gives you a great feeling of satisfaction when you hit a 3 or block a shot, even if it is very simple.

With defensive controls, you can swing the remote to try to perform a steal and also reach up to try to block a shot. Blocking is very easy to do which isn’t realistic but it does look funny when you jump up and block with your face. Going for steals is risky because if you miss you can stumble and allow the attacker to dribble past you and perform a dunk. The only way you can do a dunk is if your opponent messes up a steal attempt so you must be ready to take the opportunity, and be wary on defense.

So clearly I like basketball and it was by far the biggest pleasent surprise in the package. Other than that, I would say that all my other picks were pretty spot-on. I like table tennis a lot, it really shows off motionplus well and proves that grand slam tennis really needs full 1-1 support for next year’s game. Archery is impressive but also pretty difficult. Even on begginer, after the first couple of stages it can become very tricky to get 9s and 10s because of the distance changing.

Sword Fighting is fun, but I have to say the speed slicing is my favourite mode in that. It shows off motionplus beautifully and it is really satisfying to slice the items up. The standard duel mode is also impressive but I just wish that you didn’t have to hold the B button to go into defensive mode. The only real negative for me is that that game feels too much like boxing from the first wii sports in that it would be too waggle friendly and make it so that random movements could beat tactical playing. It definitely is a step up from boxing and skill definitely does come into play more, but theres still an element of casual friendlyness to it.

I played canoeing a couple of times. By yourself this is absolutely no fun whatsoever. With or against people it’s so funny however and should definitely provide a lot of laughs at parties.

As I predicted before, I haven’t played cycling at all. I just know it sucks so what’s the point in wasting my time on it. I would also say that wakeboarding is even worse than I thought it was going to be, it’s really one of those one play kind of games.

Overall, it’s an interesting question as to whether or not people should be buying this game to get a motionplus. It really comes down to personal preference as to which bundle or bundles you should pick up.

Grand slam tennis doesn’t make full use of motionplus but if your a tennis fan I think you’ll really enjoy it. Tiger Woods 10 makes great use of motionplus but obviously if your not interested in golf at all then it’s hard to reccomend. Then Wii Sports Resort has great use of motionplus, but is very shallow and won’t keep you coming back much, especially if you don’t play multiplayer.

Then I suppose finally, if your not into any of these games then my suggestion is to wait for the pack in of the next Zelda game with motionplus, or possibly red steel 2 if that game interests you.

My final thought on motionplus though is that I would now consider any Wii without motionplus to essentially not be a complete system. This accessory makes Wii what it was originally designed to be. The system can be fun without it, but motion based games were arguably nothing more than a gimmick until now. The only games I would exclude from that are the good racing games. Mario Kart, Excite Truck and ExciteBots.

They seriously could incorporate this addon into the remote now and bundle it as Wii 2, it’s that much of an improvement in play. How long Nintendo can say the have the best motion control may be limited though because Sony’s version looks good to me. Microsoft’s no controller approach to me isn’t workable for a lot of games but we’ll see.