Wii Sports Resort Preview

Wii Sports Resort comes out this Friday and it’s going to be an interesting one. At one point I felt as if I was paying for essentially a second motionplus so we could play online doubles in grand slam tennis, but I’m actually kinda excited for the game now.

It’s pretty clear to me and pretty much everyone else as far as Nintendo not appearing to be putting as much effort into this as they could have been, but at the end of the day, this will be a decent Wii Sports follow up. The real difference here is that while it has more games than wii-sports, a lot of the games are ones which you probably won’t go back to which is a shame.

I would much rather have had 5 solid games like last time, but instead we have probably about 5 or so games that you will go back to, but also about 7 games that you most likely won’t bother going back to, or even play at all. Cycling, from what I’ve read and seen, looks to be absolutely pointless, except to give you a tour of the island, which air sports does much better anyway. Plus, you don’t pedal normal bikes with your hands. I know there are some you do, but that’s another thing entirely.

What I’ll do now is do a kind of game by game preview of what I think of each, and then once the game comes out, I’ll compare my guesses to what I actually thought of each of them. Also ranked by funness.


Table Tennis – Best game of the pack.
Archery – One of the best uses of motionplus, but possibly a bit boring after a while.
Swordplay – Looks good but we’ll see if it proves to work as well as advertised.
Frisbee – Fun, Disc Golf in Tiger Woods 10 betters it but it will be polished and well done anyway.

Pretty Good

Basketball – Looks fairly fun but we’ll see.
Golf – It looks ok but possibly too much like Wii Sports. I don’t like how the power bar wobbles when you hit.
Air Sports – Skydiving looks very simple but also cute and fun, the plane modes look like they control very well.
Canoeing – Sounds boring but in practice I think it could make for some hilarious group sessions.
Bowling – Too much like Wii Sports. If the controls haven’t changed then the main bonus is not having to switch discs.
Power Cruising – It may control well but I’m just not digging this game. Maybe that will change.


Wakeboarding – Looks too simple and repetitive.

Don’t Play This

Cycling – Pointless.

Ok that does it for now. Check back to see if my guesses end up proving to be the case or not.