Rock Band Network needs to come to PS3

I know, obvious that it should but this is just another of the almost endless list of games / things that either come out earlier, run better, don’t require installs and / or have exclusive / timed exclusive DLC and features on Xbox 360 that Sony fans have to deal with.

Sony had better be very appreciative of the fact that fans stick with them through this. Did I meantion that me and my bro split the cost of a £425 PS3 back in 2007. That was a ton of money for a system which at that time didn’t even have in-game XMB or many good games.

Although saying that, Microsoft are the ones buying people off. Well anyway, going back to the subject itself, Rock Band Network is a platform to allow content owners to put their own songs up online using the same tools Harmonix themselves use. I suppose the real benefit here is that it allows more content to be put online faster, and by acts that probably are too small to be considered for releasing songs on the main rock band store.

Definitely a promising idea, I just hope loyal Sony and Harmonix fans such as myself don’t get shafted.

It’s actually pretty difficult to be angry about this stuff anymore because it happens all the time. It’s kinda like when Mac’s used to not get a lot of apps that Windows PCs got. This is still the case with a lot of games but hey, Blizzard support Mac and aside from games there isn’t really an issue there anymore. I can’t think of a single app that Mac should have that Windows does. I guess it’s because so much of what we do on our computers can be done through the browser, or in apps which can easily be made multiplatform. Adobe flash and Air are both good examples, plus of course Google with Docs and all their other stuff.