Next WoW expansion to include Goblins and Worgen?

If you’re not into WoW and don’t follow the game news, you probably won’t have seen this yet. But I will say that if those halloween masks are the real deal then I am excited.

Now it will be interesting to see if this is the case and we do see a maelstrom based expansion with elements in the old world with opening up Gilneas, whether these two races will be for the horde or alliance, or neither even.

Goblins are a neutral race as things stand but they do have probably more to do with the horde with the zepplins and such, but they may also be on the boats too. I’m not sure on that. Maybe it’s just the goblin boats that they’re on, and not the ones between the alliance cities.

To be honest I kinda hope that both factions, if they do exist will exist either independantly of each other and both exisiting factions, or be alligned together. It seems unlikely but it might work out for the best. I have a feeling that goblins will not be as popular as worgen. They don’t look as cool, they’re silly looking and generally known as being annoying.

I suppose that didn’t stop gnomes or dwarves from being successful, but Blizzard will have to be careful to make sure that the Horde doesn’t fall further behind the Alliance in terms of popularity. But for me personally, I could see myself playing both goblin and worgen. The only problem would be that I would probably end up with the goblin as I hardly ever play on the alliance at all. I hope I can change that but I’m just so much a horde guy and have been since I started playing.

Anyway, I didn’t know really anything about the maelstrom or the great sea until today but I can say that it would be very intriguing. Quite a lot more to me than the other rumoured expansion, Emerald Dream. I think Emerald Dream could be good but I don’t know if there is enough possible content to make that a full expansion.

Blizzard have been talking about how they want to make the expansions close to yearly and I really hope they do. I want the game to keep feeling fresh and new, while also giving me enough time to digest an expansion before moving onto the next. Maybe emerald dream could be a smaller expansion released within a year of the previous one. I think that could work well. But what really matters is they make the next expansion available soon.

A guy on the comments of the article was talking about how he thought the next one will come late 2011 at the earliest, or early 2012. If that;s the case then it would be absolutely ridicuous to make us wait that long. I think there’s virtually no chance of there not being an expansion out before the end of 2010. Blizzard needs to hurry before their players lose interest and move onto other things like the Star Wars MMO upcoming along with other MMOs like DC Universe online and Champions online, not to mention The Agency.

To be honest, with these halloween masks in the game files, it makes you wonder if we’ll see an expansion before the end of this year. I’m sure Blizzard are capable of doing it, but it’s also very doubtful because of the fact that the Lich King raid in Icecrown Citadel still isn’t out, and they can’t continue the story of Wow without finishing that chapter of it first, and then giving some time after that to recouperate. They also have this huge content patch coming in the next couple of weeks and even that has a bunch of things including a new raid and battleground.

I’ll say now that I think that Blizzard will announce the next expansion at Blizzcon in August and will release it in the first half of next year. It’s gotta happen surely. Well, unless they ignore WoW and talk exclusively about Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. They also have that unnanounced MMO. It’s busy there right now without doubt, and I’m very excited about everything they’re doing. Blizz are an outstanding company and will probably end up forcing me to buy a new computer to play their games. But if they keep making them this good, then it’s always going to be a great invenstment.

But going back to the point, there’s no real reason why they couldn’t or wouldn’t announce a new expansion there at Blizzcon. Even if they end up releasing Starcraft this year, I don’t think talk of another Wow expansion would make people feel like Blizzard are flooding people with too much stuff. The games, even though many people will buy everything Blizzard makes, have enough of an audience of their own to suffice releasing in similar times and not be hurt in sales. I hope this Blizzcon is amazing because of everything I’ve said, but also because I’m thinking of watching the live stream. I suppose even if the show is a waste or my connection is laggy, I still get a pet muloc marine right? Exactly. BTW perfect cross-game plugging having Grunty.