Conduit and Battlefield 1943 Reviews

Two interesting shooters game out today. One is notable for being a standout game in the genre one Wii, which has traditionally lacked great titles in that category. The other being notable for being download only and sporting a stylised cartoonish look.

The Conduit

We just managed to get hold of these games today. My initial thoughts are that Conduit is good for a Wii shooter. The controls are heavily customisable which is nice, but to be honest I still feel like I can have more success with dual analogue. Perhaps it’s because I need to customise the controls more or that I need more practice, but at this point, I just feel like this isn’t where the future of gaming is. But don’t get me wrong, they work well and are quite accurate.

Online is good for the Wii but friends codes are dumb, Wii speak is not suitable for this type of game. It works for Animal Crossing which is slower paced and relaxed, but this demands a headset. But they won’t let us use bluetooth ones.

The matchmaking system works ok but seemed a bit slow when I tried to get into a game today. I thought it might be because the game doesn’t come out officially until tomorrow, but the game is already out in the US so I don’t really know what the deal is. It might be because it was looking for people in Europe first and couldn’t find many. Otherwise it could just be that their matchmaking tech pales in comparison to the likes of Call of Duty 4. It would be a shame if that is the case, but it is the Wii and I wasn’t expecting it to be lightning fast.

More coming regarding singleplayer and more online impressions.

Battlefield 1943

Battlefield 1943 is immense for the price. It’s kinda like an interesting combination of Warhawk and Call of Duty: World at War. In that the graphical style and maps along with the vehicular aspect are similar to Warhawk, but with first person view shooting is much more fun and integral to the experience.

I mentioned price and the reason I did was because this puts most DLC prices to shame, not to mention full game prices. It’s £10 download only from PSN or XBL Marketplace. Because it’s so similar to Warhawk, it’s interesting to think about why this game costs essentially half the price. Well, the game only includes 3 maps plus a fourth that will be unlocked once all players online total a certain number of kills. I’m sure Warhawk had more not including that game’s expansions but I’m not totally sure. Regardless, the game is certainly worth £10 especially when you consider that each map pack from CoD WaW costs about £8, just 2 less than this game. That’s astounding to me. It’s like EA and Dice are fighting the good fight here against rip-off DLC, even though EA have been known to shaft people themselves before.

One reason why I think this game is far more fair and balenced than Warhawk is because the planes in this are very tricky to control and require a significant amount of practice to be able to pilot them well and not crash constantly. In Warhawk planes are so overpowered. They can fly fast, have most weapons and can hover above the ground without taking any damage at all. They can block jeeps in and shove them off cliffs. Basically, they ruined the game, even if the game is supposed to be about planes, it takes too much away from the ground units. The only thing that could take them down consistently are turrets which can lock on as well as soldier rocket launchers. However I don’t believe that makes up for their power.

A well piloted plane in this game can be deadly but oftentimes you can be on the ground with planes going overhead and you don’t worry about them dropping a bomb on you or firing as they swoop past because you know how hard it is. This is fantastic.

I love the first-person view. It makes shooting such a big part of the game. Shooting in Warhwak to me was so terrible I hardly ever used guns. I either ran around with a knife or just jumped in a plane or tank. Even using jeep and just trying to run people over was more fun and easier than trying to shoot at people.

I also am a fan of the first-person view in vehicles. It just gives the experience of driving around more style and fun to me. There’s also the option of using a zoomed out view. This is mostly useful in tanks and especially planes when it can be hard to see where you’re going using the standard viewpoint.

Because it’s a download game there aren’t as many trophies as you would like which is a dissapointing side-effect of the download only forumula. But it has probably the easiest gold ever. None of the trophies are very difficult to obtain. Some will take time but don’t really require a great deal of skill.

Another area where it falls in comparison to Warhawk is in the stat tracking. For a download game, it’s very impressive. However, Warhawk is one of the best at prividing detailed stat tracking for almost everything in the game.

Aside from that, it’s close to perfect for what it is. The simplicity of the game is refreshing and the whole feel of the game is pure fun.


As I’m yet to play the single player, Conduit is an interesting game. The online is good for a Wii game, but still pretty poor if you rank it with the other two systems and also PC. Battlefield 1943 is a third of the price of Conduit and in my opinion is more fun. Of course it’s a multi-player only experience with only 4 maps, but at the end of the day, it’s about fun and not about the amount of content. Not to mention the fact that there probably will be DLC, and if they do £20 worth of DLC for the game and really ramp up the number of maps, then it will hard to deny that it’s a great game and worthy of Warhawk success.

But I do love the guys at High Voltage for daring to do something cool on Wii and they’ve succeeded in making a great shooter for Wii. But when it comes down to it, if controls are the main thing that seperates this game from the HD systems, then I would say that while they are good controls, I don’t think they redefine the genre sufficiently to make enough people want to play this type of game with pointer controls. And I personally don’t think it’s worth sacrificing the graphics and online community support of the HD systems for controls I personally don’t see to be significantly better than what we’re used to on consoles. But that’s just my opinion. Plus, that’s if I had to choose. Luckily I don’t.

That said, I bought the game for a reason and I’ll definitely go back for more, single and multi-player. Plus, if you only have a Wii then this is definitely a game to get. I know the High Voltage guys said that their focus was on making the best possible game in the genre for Wii, and they’ve definitely done that.

Even if you’ve got another system though, if you can afford to spare the cash to support High Voltage, I think you should. Because if this game doesn’t sell then we might not see really much else if anything in the hardcore space for Wii. Other publishers and obviously Sega will be watching this and be considering their future titles for the system based on this game’s sales. This includes High Voltage’s next game, The Grinder which is a Left 4 Dead style co-op zombie shooter for wii due for next year. I know I’m anticipating that game more than conduit so I want it to get a publisher and be successful, so support this game if you’re like me.

To finally sum up. The Conduit is an ambitious title that people should be supporting. Battlefield 1943 is a fantastic and very well priced downloadable game that you should also support to show that you’re willing to spend money on downloadable games, but for stuff that’s worth paying for and priced fairly. So I say if you can, buy them both. You can’t go wrong on either in my opinion.