WoW is pulling me back in again

One thing that I realised about me and WoW a while back was that what is fun about the game to me is exploring the world and doing quests trying to level up. It sounds funny to say that because you spend all that time working towards the end goal of getting to max level. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great feeling to finally get there, but if you don’t want to be in a raiding guild, and you don’t do arenas, like me, then what do you do?

Well there are things. In the past I’ve gone for achievements, collected things like pets and mounts, had fun with my guild friends and levelled alts, not to mention working to get the chef title, which I did eventually get which was cool. But it’s so hard to be bothered to put time into alts because I always feel like I’m getting no where fast when I play them.

However, Blizzard are trying to make the game more friendly to new players and more casual people like me who have a hard time getting the drive to play more new characters. In the past they have done things like made levelling faster (it still feels like forever) and making the slower mounts available at level 30 instead of 40 and for less gold. I enjoyed those changes but I felt like they needed to do more to hook me again until a new expansion comes out.

Well, in the next patch they are doing a few things to try to grab my attention. These include making mounts available another 10 levels earlier and for less money. Making the slower flying mounts available at 60 and for less gold while also making them much faster. 150% faster than running over the current 60% is a very good increase.

They’re also making travel form available for druids earlier and making the forms more customisablenow too which is cool. Therefore if I do go and level some alts, it’s going to be hard to resist my druid.

Anyway, cool stuff Blizzard, keep it up.