"Is this a good time to buy a PS3?" update

Apparently, Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony America has stated that Sony will not bow to pressure to drop the price of the system. Presumably that comment is directed at everyone’s favourite plastic guitar weilding CEO Bobby Kotick who put pressure on Sony recently to lower the price or risk losing Activision’s support entirely.

To be honest, I like that Howard is sticking up for his company and his product. However, it’s not just Bobby Kotick that’s calling for a price drop, everyone is. Well when I say everyone, I mean the people who want to bully Sony into selling them a reduced priced system when it’s worth its current price tag.

The problem with what Stringer has done is that while taking aim at Bobby Kotick and Activision, he’s also angering potential customers and going a long way to ruin the momentum the system got when the great new bundle got revealed yesterday. One of the guys in the comments said something along the lines of “there’s never any good news with playstation nowdays, everything’s just negative”. Another talked about how he’s a big fan of PS2 and PSP and was recently playing God of War 1 and wondering how good it would look upscaled, and then wondered why it was that Sony have been unable to sell him a PS3. Surely God of War III will because it looks incredible, but regardless, Sony are stupid for constantly creating bad press for themselves.

Just do things that people want and nothing else Sony. What do you want me to do, bow to pressure and buy a 360 like everyone else I know. I hate being the odd one out, but I can’t ditch you now when you’re almost out of the dark tunnel now. Just focus on making great games, great network features…. you know, everything people ask for, do it and make people happy. Give us all good news.

I honestly can’t believe that PS3 is actually competitive in Europe considering the system has been abysmal when it first came out. It didn’t even have in-game XMB and it came out almost a year and a half after the 360 did. If you consider how well it’s done when it sucked, imagine how well it can do in the near future. Unfortunatly it doen’t look like it’s going to stop being a laughing stock on IGN comments anytime soon, but you win some, you lose some I guess.