Nintendo DSi 3 Months Later

IGN just put up a story discussing the DSi and how it’s fared so far as it passes 3 months in stores in the UK and US. I posted a comment on the article but since I went into quite good detail and because it will get pushed out of view almost instantly by a horde of other posters, I decided to post it here as a semi-full-size blog post. Check it out.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a brother who bought one when it came out so I’ve had a chance to play with his. And it saved me £150.

I have to say, it feels so nice to hold. The finish is much better and the buttons feel nicer too. The camera is a total gimmick and poor quality. The music player I don’t need and most other people won’t either, and the bigger screen I guess is nice but it’s not really that noticable. DSi Ware has some decent games but really nothing must-have to me at least. Buying points is much harder and time consuming than Playstation store on PSP and App store because they don’t save your card details so you have to type it in every time. The games are overpriced by miles compared to App store stuff which doesn’t help either.

So for people who still have a fat or no DS at all then absolutely get one. But if you have a lite, I don’t see why you should get one until DSi Ware becomes amazing. I got my first DS in June 2006 just as the lite came out so luckily I bypassed the fat altogether and I’m happy until DS 2.

That’s all for now, until next time.

edit: It seems like the vast majority of the comments so far are similar to mine in saying that it’s a decent system, but not a big enough leap forward for lite owners unless you’re a total Nintendo fanboy of course.