Is this the time to buy a PS3?

Well it’s an interesting question. Recently I’ve been bothered by the fact people in America think the PS3 is so overpriced. I looked on and I compared the prices of the PS3 bundles to the 360 ones and I felt like they weren’t that different in value, even if you don’t include the extra things you have to buy for 360 that are included for PS3. Except the HDMI cable that Sony still don’t include for some reason.

Regardless, the point is that I felt as if the PS3 is actually competitively priced all things considered, and even though it is $100 more expensive, that doesn’t sound like a lot to me, (£60-70?).

I’ve gone over this topic so many times I can’t remember, but it is still important to keep in mind all the stuff Sony doesn’t nickle and dime you for.

Now, the reason I ask the question in the title is because Sony have confirmed a new bundle for north america best buy stores only as far as I know. The bundle is the standard $400 but comes with not one but two of the system’s best exclusives. Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2. I think to be honest, if this bundle doesn’t shift units then I think Sony may want to consider going to the price cut, which they probably will anyway. It seems like their hands are tied at this point anyway.


Of course, if this bundle doesn’t sell great it could be because it seems very likely at this point that the PS3 slim is on its way to stores in the next few months and potential buyers may want to wait for that out of curiosity and a price drop. Although if that happens it seems likely that it wouldn’t be bundled with these two games. I think this bundle is a great move by Sony but they have to maintain this pressure that they’re putting on Microsoft if they’re going to have any chance in North America.

If the slim is indeed to be a reality then it will be interesting to see what changes with it. Whether it will just be a size revision or whether they will add anything new in the hardware or software to the system that will be exclusive to that particular PS3 version. I actually don’t see that happening because I don’t think Sony are in the business of upsetting the people who buy this new bundle in a couple of months time. I think it will be purely a size revision but upon the release they might bring out a new software update for all PS3s which introduce a bunch of exciting new features that gamers have been clamoring for since release.

We’ll see what happens in the next little while.