Tiger 10 for Wii is the best golf game ever

I know it’s easy to knock Nintendo for their underpowered, waggling controlled system but now that motionplus has arrived, things are changing. The premise of the Wii was to make games better with controls good enough that it was ok to sacrifice graphics, and until now that hasn’t really been the case.

I wrote a review of Grand Slam Tennis a little while ago and I said that even though it has some drawbacks, it’s an awesome tennis game and has a lot of potential to get better in future editions. The controls and career mode were great, but left things to be improved in my opinion. With Tiger 10 for Wii, it feels pretty much like they’ve nailed the controls perfectly on their first attempt.

Obviously with golf you’re only going to make one motion with the club so it does make it much easier to design controls for. But what’s so impressive here is that they’ve not only made it servicable, they’ve gone into such detail to a point where you really feel like you’re swinging a golf club.

The draw and fade when you swing can be a bit tricky to get to grips with when you want to keep your shots straight, but after a while it will become fairly natural, especially if you’ve ever played golf before. Even if you do have trouble, you can turn on the all-play difficulty setting which essentially ignores your tilt (draw and fade) when you swing so that you can focus on power and placement. Even with this turned on, the experience is still incredibly rewarding, especially putting with the new precision putting controls where the game detects how far you pull back, and how hard and far you extend forward on each putt. You can see the distance on screen and just remember how you would play it on a real putting green or every crazy golf, and it will probably be represented close to perfectly in the game.

I went back to play the game without motionplus earlier and you can definitely feel the difference. In precision putting the difference isn’t as obvious, But when your going for a drive or an approach shot, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

With motionplus, you can see perfectly every movement you make with the club on screen. If you move it up and down quickly as you backswing, you’ll see every minute detail of that movement. Without motionplus, you’ll notice that you have to backswing the remote quite high up behind you before it’s represented on screen at all. Obviously the faster you do it, the less you’ll see the issue, but it’s still there and it defintely shows a big improvement in motionplus. Also, obviously with motionplus it can tell much more precisely how hard you’re swinging. Without motionplus, it feels much more digital, not to the point where it’s either swing or no swing, but you’re definitely much more limited in how hard or soft you are able to hit balls.

I’ve yet to really go in depth with the online component of the game but so far I’m impressed. I think overall I prefer the online of Grand Slam Tennis because it’s so simple, but this definitely has some cool options. Things like being able to “play against the pros” and using the forecast channel to import real-time weather into the courses in the game are nice little features.

Overall, this game is awesome and in my opinion the best realistic golf game ever made. I say realistic because I still really enjoy playing Everybody’s Golf. I wonder if they’ll be a version of that with the PS3 motion controller. To be honest, if that ends up being as good as it looks, then there might be little reason to play tiger on wii in future. But as of right now, you shouldn’t miss out on this game if you have any interest in golf whatsoever. I don’t consider myself a big golf fan really but I love playing it in games and you will too.