Myspace Closing at least 4 Offices

Hmm. I guess this news was inevitable. I mean Facebook has mostly taken Myspace’s spot as the premiere social networking site. And it’s hard to really dissagree with everyone who has switched, because Facebook is clearly a better designed site with a nicer and cleaner user interface.

Eventually Myspace was going to have to cut back because of their reduced traffic and try to cut costs as much as possible.It’s unfortunate for the people who will lose their jobs but I guess when you work in an industry as fickle as this, you have to be prepared for it as much as possible.

It’s tough to know if Facebook will also have to take these same kind of measures soon. I mean I don’t think anything other than a new site coming along can stop their sucess continuing, but you never know.

As far as something like Twitter, It’s a difficult one to call. I’ve been on Twitter (albeit not very active) since it debuted I think a couple of years ago or maybe more. Basically eveyone has it now so that in a way is frustrating to me because it’s like I get no credit for being an early adopter, and the service risks becoming a huge fad and fading away eventually.

Personally I love twitter and dislike facebook. I like how on Twitter I can talk to everyone and get my thoughts out there in a way where even though I’m talking to the world, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. For some reason, Facebook makes me feel so stressed when I go on there and am barraged with a bunch of random crap from people I know but haven’t seen for ages. It’s weird to say because it applies to twitter too, but I really don’t care about the absolute BS people post on there constantly, and I don’t want people to know absolutely everything I do, like who I become friends with, whether I update my profile info or post a new message. I’ve never posted a status message on Facebook because I want it to be my own personal thing. I suppose if I added a bunch of those same friends from Facebook to twitter too then it might ruin twitter as well.

But on the other hand, even if that was the case and I did have the same bombardment on twitter, it would still be a better experience for one main reason. Twitter is so simple and easy to use while also being stylish. I love that. Facebook can get so convoluded and over-complicated to a point where I don’t want to be bothered anymore. Twitter isn’t like that at all. All you can do is post messages, @reply people and direct message. That’s it.

Going back to the subject of this post, I think if Twitter continues to keep it simple and it doesn’t end up being the next myspace then I think they have a good future. Same with Facebook, even if it’s not exactly to my taste.