Activision's threat to Sony

My feeling on this is that Activision do have a point that they do have to pay more to develop for PS3, plus the attach rates may be lower than the Xbox. But it’s pretty common knowledge that the wii have much lower attach rates than PS3.

But still, just the fact that a huge publisher, even if all their games are crap in my opinion besides Modern Warfare and the Blizzarrd games would decide to threaten to stop making games completely for a console is a very worrying thing for Sony. (I love blizzard but why did they have to partner with Activision of all people?).

I mean gamers thinking about buying PS3s aren’t dumb. They’re going to read news like this and they aren’t going to be brimming with confidence and really be that enticed to buy a PS3, especially when they’re so “overpriced”.

Honestly I’m so tired of people saying it’s overpriced. Yes it is more than £100 more expensive than the 360. However, it has blu-ray which would add quite a lot to the price for sure, it has free online play, you don’t need a wi-fi adapter (which is a rip-off btw) plus other things. So adding those to the price of the 360 and you’re pretty much on a level playing field. But then the 360 still doesn’t have a blu-ray player.

Even if people don’t care about blu-ray, they can’t say the system isn’t worth the price tag because they don’t care about a major feature. But this is one of the big mistakes Sony have made. The system is too powerful for this generation, too hard to develop for and too expensive to produce (although it’s getting cheaper).

Plus you have to install games which often don’t run as well or look as good while wasting your space. That makes no sense whatsoever. So my point is that Activision are basically screwing Sony further. It seems pretty obvious that a new slim version is coming, hopefully with a lower price or at least a very enticing bundle with some games. So by stating what Sony are already aware of, they’re putting negative thoughts in the minds of potential customers.

Right now it just feels like Sony are the jokes of the games industtry, and it seems like nothing’s going right for them. People criticise the price, the system itself, their exclusive, while being reviewed well, aren’t really selling huge amounts and the people who own 360’s are just saying “meh, I can live without those”. How do Sony go about changing these perceptions?

I think at this point all Sony can do is just put their heads down and really work hard to make up for all the mistakes they’ve made, and really try to learn from them, especially when it comes time for the PS4. I just hope they can pull a Nintendo and come back from the pits of embarrassing last place to make a big impact and also hope that the damage isn’t longer lasting than just one generation.