App Store has some cool stuff right now

Check out:

Star Defense (all ngmoco stuff is good)

Sims 3 (haven’t bought it yet but looks good from what I’ve seen)

Firemint Real Racing (also haven’t bought it but looks amazing for an app store game)

These are all really great. The only one I have right now is Star Defense and if you in any way like tower defense games, then you will love this. It’s got a cool 3D gameplay style that works beautifully with touch controls.

The other two games I have my reservations about because of their pricing but for real racing, more because of it’s controls. I just don’t like playing racing games with motion control. The only exception so far is Excite Truck on Wii. Also excitebots if that ever comes out here. Real Racing does have a touch control system too so that might be interesting to check out. It sounds strange though so I’m not too sure. What I am sure about though is that the in car camera view in that game looks incredible for an iphone game. It looks like it’s really pushing the hardware.

I heard somewhere that GT PSP might not have in-car view. To me that would be unacceptable because I’ve grown so used to using that view in GT5 Prologue that I have trouble driving well using the zoomed out camera. So I definitely don’t want to be forced to use that. And really, if RR on iphone can do it then surely the PSP can.

So anyway check out those games and older hits such as the following if you’re into the app store and need some suggestions. Also, I get most of my news from so you would probably be wise to head over there for reviews from professionals.

Older app store releases to check out:



Bejewled 2

Bookworm (not what I would call a game really, but fun for a few mins, plus I’m a Popcap games superfan by this point)

Zen Bound (also not for everyone but very cool in my opinion)

geoDefense (another good tower defense game, not as good as Star Defense in my opinion but has a very cool
visual style similar to geometry wars)

Blocked (simple, cheap, indie puzzle game)

Enigmo (this is a cool concept, I never got into it too much but I probably should go back. Not the most pick up and play game)

Line Rider (Do I even need to explain why this is fun? Pointing isn’t perfect though. DS would be better because of stylus accuracy, but still fun)

Trism (successful indie puzzle game, it’s been a big rags to riches story for the app store that apple highlighted)

The Tap Tap games (both free, these are fun guitar hero / rock band style rhythem games)

Topple (free and fun puzzle game by ngmoco)

TapDefense (I have it but haven’t played it yet, but I hear it’s good, and it’s free too so what’s to lose?)

Rolando (locoroco for iphone basically, although I personally am a locoroco fan so they can both co-exist as far as I’m concerned)

Crystal Defenders and Vanguard Storm (both by square enix, I have the lite versions of both and if I had the money to blow on all these games I may have bought them, both good games)

Thanks for reading.