DSi games I missed at E3

During nintendo’s confernce, I missed both the cool new DSi games they announced. Both of which have a varying amount of user generated content creation and sharing as a part of the experience, which I’m very excited about.

Mario vs Donkey Kong, return of the mini’s and the new warioware game really show that Nintendo is fully aboard the user generated content bandwagon. I mean the warioware game, you actually make your own warioware microgames and can then share them online. That is pretty fantastic to me. I’ll hopefully be able to persuade my bro to buy them both so I can check them out on his DSi, and maybe if Nintendo really start pushing the updated system consistently hard then maybe I’ll have to get one at some point. I’m not sure. They really have a lot more to prove to me that it’s worth upgrading from my DSi.

One game that possibly will give me a reason to upgrade would be scribblenauts. Not because I can’t play the game on my DS lite, but because it just looks so good that I want to play it on the best possible console, and that’s definitely the DSi. From what I’ve played of it, the buttons feel better and the system as a whole just feels more classy and cool. It’s more of a joy to hold and use than the current model.