Sony E3 Impressions

It’s interesting that earlier I said that if Sony did everything we thought they were going to do, they would not have a good showing overall. However, they basically did exactly that, but it still seemed to have a positive feeling about it. I think they really struck a chord with the hardcore with what they showed.

As far as the PSP Go is concerned, there’s not much to really say. I mean we knew what was coming. I think the price may be a little too high for what you’re getting but I can live with that, as long as I can use my games I bought on UMD on my Go, in some fashion. Whether it be by typing in serial numbers to unlock a digital version, or ripping the UMDs onto the PC using the updated media manager, called media go.

Without that feature the system will look definitely quite a bit less attractive. However, I may be able to just shrug it off when you consider what’s coming to the system. GT Portable, LBP Portable and MGS are all games I can see myself spending a lot of time with, so why not play those games on the best new hardware? My other concern is that the 16gb space just isn’t enough. People will fly through that in no time, and even if you buy another 16gb in the form of a new memory stick micro, that won’t last long for most serious gamers, especially if you’re going to be putting music and video on the device too.

I think what Sony envision us doing is kinda like what Apple does with the iPod shuffle. Where instead of putting all your games on it at once, you mix and match randomly or load it with what you’re currently playing. Now I can definitely handle that. But it would be all the more sweet if I could have all my UMD games (10 currently) in my media go library ready to transfer and play when I want to. I mean only a few of those games are ones which I would want to have with me all the time. And I guess the other ones I could use my current PSP 2000 to play. Or just mix and match the games on my Go depending on if I want to go back to something like the GTA games or Crisis Core, or other story based games that you’ll usually only play once and not come back to.

So overall I was mostly impressed but I would have loved some big bombshells like a video store in the UK (still nope but not really that big of a deal to me), PSP trophies, a UMD ripping solution, PS3 cross-game voice chat and parties. But I guess those will come at another time. I hope so anyway.

Oh I almost forgot about the motion controller. I have to say that at first when Jack mentioned it I was fearing the wost, but actually seeing it in action, I felt like this had potential to really be better than Microsoft’s attempt. It doesn’t look as cool as Microsoft’s because it isn’t controller free, but I think because you do hold the wii-remote shaped things, the reliability, and therefore potential uses becomes much more impressive. However, this can’t track full body movement as far as I know, so obviously that’s one major dissadvantage. But it does have some good potential for cool stuff.

Still, I think as far as motion goes, Nintendo still has the best stuff, and it’s because of the nunchuk. With that combined with the wii-remote and motion plus, you get the traditional character control you’re used to with the analogue stick, combined with the cool motion abilities of motion plus. I think that mix of both worlds really makes a big difference, because it could potentially mean the difference between full games and mini-games. Without a traditional way to move a character in a world, the motion can’t be used to it’s fullest in for example an adventure game, where character movement is crucial and without an analogue stick can be very difficult to do with motion alone.

Let’s take tennis for example. With grand slam tennis you move your character with the nunchuk and swing with the wii-remote. So you get that great combined precision of both. I can’t see how a tennis game on Microsoft’s new motion controller will work as well. Sony’s one would be better because you could use a wand to represent the raquet, but movement would be tricky, and with MS’s project Natal, it would be very difficult to get it working to a point where it would be truly reliable enough.

Wrapping up, I thought the show was good but I would have liked to have seen more that we didn’t know about, but they did well and I think this may be the start of their comback. Sure, they lost the metal gear exclusive for rising, but the future is still bright for PS3 and PSP.