Nintendo avoided being worse than last year…

But not by much. I mean yeah Galaxy 2 is probably going to be another great game, but I think it’s playing it safe. Plus, Zelda was released first and was a gamecube port, so I guess it must just be a case of them already having the engine in place for Galaxy so they just used it again, but they’re really taking their time with Zelda because they’ve been starting from scratch.

So when it first started and they went straight into the first game, new super mario bros. for wii, I actually got excited and thought that maybe they would just come out swinging with back to back game announcements. However, they spent (like last year) a lot of time talking about how Nintendo was for everyone.

Wii fit plus was obvious and yeah I probably will buy it, but no pikmin, kid icarus (which at first I thought Reggie was talking about when he lead up to the metroid announcement) or zelda really spoils it.

And what is that vitality monitor all about? I mean yeah you could use it in some games but it’s just such a big ask to get people to use it. I saw Alex Albrechts tweet about it and couldn’t agree more when he said he thought it was a joke.

WiiWare and especially DSiWare are floundering, and they did nothing to bolster either. Reggie has said before that they haven’t talked about a portable virtual console. So it doesn’t surprise me that it wasn’t talked about, but if they like money, and I know they do, they will want to launch that sometime soon, especially when DSiWare has virtually nothing worth downloading.

There were some good games talked about that we haven’t heard before, but to be honest, my personal taste in games would mean that the only one aside from wii fit plus that I would really consider would be super mario bros. Wii, and even that game it appears that Nintendo have played it very safe as you would expect. No level editor, I heard no mention of online co-op either and I don’t really expect it.

Even though I love the idea of a 2D mario, they seem to be doing another animal crossing: city folk on us and probably just re-releasing the same game again from DS.

They talked about a bunch of stuff that I am already buying so for me it was a total waste of time. I’m buying conduit, tiger woods, grand slam tennis and wii sports resort with motion plus, so tell me something new!

The metroid game looks interesting, but from the trailer it didn’t look completely 2D to me. It would be interesting to switch perspectives like in super paper mario. I just hope it’s not a 3D game because the 2D style is something a lot of people could really get into. Plus it would really help to differentiate this from the metroid prime series. Not that that series looks bad, it’s fantastic, but I think a new direction would be appreciated.

But yeah I’m very dissappointed, regardless of these new core games. It just feels like it’s not enough still. Maybe it’s just my tastes in games again. I know Galaxy and Metroid will please the majority of the hardcore.

They’ve just played it too safe yet again in my opinion and given me absolutely no reason why I should care about DSiWare. I suppose I would appreciate saving the money on buying that system actually so for me maybe it’s a good thing.

Anyway, Sony, please don’t dissappoint me today. I want to be blown away but there’s definitely a lot of doubt in my mind right now. I would love to be proven wrong.