Microsoft way exceeded my expectations

I don’t really have time for a full post, but basically, Microsoft look to have owned Sony this E3. That is unless Sony have many huge announcements on tuesday. I very much hope they do as a PS3 fan.

I honestly wish I had just bought an Xbox sometimes so I wouldn’t have to go through this dissapointment at E3 and pretty much constantly. But then I remember I couldn’t live without LBP and Gran Turismo. And other games, but mostly those ones I can’t imagine myself not having.

On a driving game note, I thought it was laughable how much they hyped up Forza 3. I wonder what Polyphony would say to that. And no disrespect to turn 10, I’m sure forza will be very good, but it won’t come close to GT5, you can be absolutely sure of that.

Anyway, I hope Sony really bring everything they have tomorrow, because if they just bring everything we already know about, then this could be another disaster for Sony, and they really don’t need that if they’re going to get the PS3 and PSP back on track.

I’m also interested in what Nintendo have. It’s not really as important because they aren’t really directly competing with the other two, unless you count microsoft’s new motion camera, but regardless, I’m interested in what new stuff they show. Surely it can’t be worse than last year. In the end, Nintendo comes down to one thing. Reggie. It doesn’t even matter what he says. You just have to love the guy for some reason.