InFAMOUS: Thoughts on the demo

So today I got an email from Sony saying that I had a code to get my hands on the inFAMOUS demo so I went ahead and downloaded it. When I played it a couple of things struck me. As I tend to do, I was playing on easy difficulty (because I like to enjoy the ride as some games say) and the number of times and how easily you can die in the game is surprising. It really only takes a couple of hits by the enemy to kill you so it’s definitely dissapoiting that there isn’t more room for error. Apart from the difficulty I felt the game was very cool. The animations were fluid and the fact that you can shoot from anywhere you are grabbing onto is really stunning looking.

However, I have decided to cancel my pre-order for the game because I just simply felt like in the end, it’s not going to give me enough fun, or provide me with the gaming experience I want. The game is great and while I can see where it is similar to spider-man 2, another game I enjoyed exploring and just chilling out in, I don’t think I can do that with this, which is a shame.

I am getting to the point where gaming is so busy and huge with so many releases, that I have to be so selective about what I choose to buy because a lot of the time, games are sold on hype, and demos a lot of the time actually cause me to be less excited and not buy games. It’s funny how they can be counter productive for the game developers but it’s kinder to my wallet at least.

So in conclusion, great game but just not for me. I hope it sells well as it is a PS3 exclusive, just like all the others, and this deserves to be a big seller. Maybe some online multiplayer or co-op would have sealed the deal for me. It’s certainly possible. But as it stands now, my money will be better spent elseware, regardless of how good inFamous is.