Wow, it's been a while

It’s funny how I just get into the swing of posting game reviews and articles on that kind of stuff and then just suddenly stop. I’m not sure why but since I just had to pay quite a bit to keep my hosting going I realised I probably should be using it for something rather than just let it sit idle.

Ok so one of the things I’ve just done is totally disable comments. Honestly they’re way more harm than good. I really appreciate the people who really took the time to comment me. Some of them were really interesting, not to mention long and detailed in some cases, and I was shocked that people would spend the time replying to someone as insignificant as me with regards to this kind of stuff. So thanks, not that you’ll ever come to my blog again.

As far as how to contact me I would say if you really want to then look me up on facebook or something. I’m going to try to make it as difficult as possible to recieve any spam whatsoever so I’m disabling the contact form too. I was surprised that I haven’t had anything (spam or otherwise, and thats a good thing) through there for a very long time, so if I’m not receiving even anything good then why bother having it there.

I really feel like I want to go back to basics as it were.

With regards to content. I’m going to make a concious effort to post my feelings on mostly game news and other things that recieve my attention, definitely more regularly. It’s truly baffling when I think about all the things in the gaming world and the world as a whole since I last posted. Some truly huge things. The problem is I don’t have the time or the fingers to go back and post all that stuff, but I may summarise the last year in gaming. That might be a fun thing to do.

Ok thanks very much for reading and have a good one.