WiiWare Review: FF Crystal Chronicles, My Life as A King

Ok so I downloaded this almost the minute WiiWare launched here along with LostWinds (which I’ve played some of but not much yet). This game is probably the best £10 I’ve ever spent on a game before. Most games this price are good but don’t really keep me coming back for more. Games like Super Stardust HD, Pain, Calling all Cars and the others. This game however, although it can feel frustrating at times when your guys keep failing a dungeon or the slow progress you sometimes feel, it’s still a great game with tons of depth especially when you consider all you’re really doing is staying at home the entire time.

There is a lot of satisfaction to be had from building up your kingdom and keeping your people happy.  The town will never feel bustling and alive since its not an MMO and the people are computer controlled, it will never feel like logging into wow and seeing people everywhere going about their business. However it does do as good of a job as it can. I would say it would have been nice if they could have a wider array of things to say when you talk to them, but on the other hand I often don’t read what they say anyway.

The game at first is very basic but when it builds up and you unlock new buildings, it actually starts to get pretty complicated. You’re faced with making sure you train your adventurers in the right jobs, create balanced parties, and send your guys to suitable dungeons. For a WiiWare game there is a lot of depth here and the game will keep you coming back for many hours.

When I do get to the end of the game, (although I’m not exactly sure if it ever does end) or at least finish all the dungeons in the game, I’ll probably check out some of the downloadable content. Some of the stuff here doesn’t really add to the game at all, costumes for the king and Chime aren’t really necessary and are from my point of view a waste of the 100 points each you’ll spend on them. On the other hand there are dungeon packs which will offer prizes for completing them which will up your limit on various buildings like houses which in turn will give you more gil for spending on various things. You can also get a triple pack of new races. This allows you three different building types, for each of the races, these races each excel at various jobs and so looks like it can really extend the life of the game.