WiiWare is looking good

With the US launch of wiiware last week and the UK / Europe launch on Tuesday, I’m excited with how the service is making an impact and showing its potential right from the start. With two must have games in the launch line-up with many more to come, WiiWare I hope will be a success for Nintendo and more importantly, the (mostly) small developers that are making innovative original games for the new Wii download service.

I’m definitely going to revisit this to give reviews of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, My Life as A King and LostWinds, the two must-have launch games on tuesday or whenever I’ve played enough of them to have my own opinion.

From looking at IGN and some other small review sites, LostWinds is by far the standout game of the bunch with my life as a king being more of a niche title, and more for people who are fans of games like animal crossing, sim city and other slower paced management games like that. The big mistake that some people may make is being My Life as A King thinking that it’s a traditional FF RPG style game, when in fact your just managing your kingdom and your people rather than venturing out to be the hero yourself. Me personally, I really like the concept, and the graphics, for a WiiWare game are stunning from what I’ve seen of it so far. LostWinds is also a stunning looking game for a WiiWare title and as IGN’s review says at the top, it’s better than a lot of full price wii games, which obviously shows WiiWare is off to a great start, unless your comparing it to data design games, but whatever.

So basically the short of this post is that WiiWare is a great step for Nintendo to take and that if you’re out there and have some cash to blow on some games then you can’t go wrong with these when you consider the price. This is the kind of stuff people need to support on Wii. This and games like Boom Blox which really use the wii remote well, and suit the console. The sales of Pro Evo 8 on Wii are apparently pretty poor which is extremely dissapointing considering how they’re really innovating at Konami with great IR controls. That’s another game you should pick up to support Konami and the effort they have made to innovate on Wii.

To quickly sum up WiiWare, great start and I hope they keep up the momentum with good weekly releases. There are some good titles on the way I’m probably going to end up buying. Especially Bomberman with 8 player wi-fi connection. That’s going to be so fun. World of Goo is coming and already frontier have announced LostWinds 2 which is great news.