The Wii Storage Issue

Theres always been a lot of talk about how the wii doesn’t have enough storage space available. While I do agree that there is a problem, I would also say that the president of Nintendo, who said recently that they are addressing the problem which effects a small percentage of Wii owners in the near future. IGN guys said that this is a joke and that everyone is running out of space, but that’s probably because they are all heavy virtual console downloaders and therefore have clouded judgement, when in fact most people have probably downloaded either one or two virtual console titles, and a few free channels. I am that way, I downloaded the mii contest channel, everybody votes and two VC games, columns and 1080 snowboarding. I am probably someone who has downloaded more than a large percentage of wii owners because for one thing, a lot of them have probably never been connected to the internet, and even those who have may not have even downloaded any channels or games.

Now that WiiWare is coming out though, and for those people who are the hardcore retro gamers who downloaded loads of games, Nintendo really need to open up the SD slot to allow running of channels and games straight off them instead of having to copy and delete channels in order to play them.

I’m also wondering what will happen when people have more than 48 channels on their wii in the future, which can happen. Will the Wii menu continue to expand or will there be a limit to how many channels are possible?

So in conclusion, the probably isn’t as bad as some people think, but it is for a small percentage of owners, and in the near future it will be for many more players too. We’ll probably hear about what Nintendo’s plans are at E3 and a firmware update will probably follow shortly after that opening up the SD slot. I can’t see them bringing out a hard drive or anything like that, but maybe they will allow usb drives and SD cards to give people a choice. It will be either of those things, and definitely won’t be telling people to buy another wii if they want more storage. I really hope not at least.