GTA IV Review

You could say why write your own review when they do such a good job on IGN, but I have some stuff regarding mainly the multiplayer I want to address.

This game, while the story is undoubtedly amazing, I got it pretty much exclusively for the online. On IGN they say its worthit just for the online and I completely agree.

Instead of talking about why its so great I’ll go into what’s not so good instead since its quicker. Once you get out of the lobby its almost flawless but its the lobby system itself that really let’s the online down. The main issues are the slow ready system, only leaders being able to change game modes or settings instead of a mariokart style voting system and not having a chat box in the lobby. I understand it may get combersome to allow voting on settings but not allowing voting on game type or race tracks or vehicles is inexcusable for me. For example there is no way to play a helecopter race or drive an ice-cream truck unless I’m a leader (which I never am) or if im lucky enough to join one which also pretty much never happens.

The only other thing I would mention is that when they patch the lobby system to streamline it, they should add pool, bowling and darts to the list of multiplayer game modes, even if they have to make a “mini games for noobs” section. I just feel like these mini games are probably better than full pool, bowling and darts games on ps3 or xbox and therefore why leave them out of the online experience. I think I read you can do them in free and party modes. However, with no in-game messaging besides voice (until the in game XMB) how can you get anyone but your friends to play with you? Its harder than getting someone to give you a hellicopter race, that puts it in some perspective.

anyway despite these shortcomings, the game is obviously a must buy and if you don’t have it then get it unless your name is Jack Thompson.

So back on topic this game is probably deserving of the perfect 10 and if they streamline the online then it will absolutely seal the deal. My only concern is that where do you draw the line with 10s. Its going to be interesting to see what reviewers give to other high profile games in the near future.

Go and buy or play this game now and if you need more convincing (like what the story is like) check the following IGN review, then go to and check out the ads there so I don’t get sued.