Taking the Blog a new direction

I think I got to the point a while back where I didn’t want to just talk about apple stuff anymore and I’ve hardly mentioned anything Apple related for a while, including the iphone and numerous hardware updates.

I will quickly say though that the iPhone is great but needs improvement, the iPod touch I have and think its amazing, and the new MacBook Air and subsequent MacBook updates are all great, except the MacBook got no multi-touch love which is predictable really.

On the other hand though each update seems to be less and less exciting and I just can’t see a reason for me to update my computer, which is a good thing really in terms of saving money, but its also brought on by my own change in attitude to having a powerful computer to just wanting a laptop that can do what I need, and as far as that goes, this one is going to be fine for a long while to come. Especially when you consider how slowly processor speeds and ram seem to be growing. The only thing that is exciting right now is that flash memory is getting cheaper so SSD drives are going to be commonplace and larger in the next year or two which will be nice.

Moving away from the Apple focus is what this post is about though and so after this Apple catch-up I’m going to talk about whatever comes to mind, from any company, plus whatever else is going on I want to write about.