I'm glad the format war is over

It seems pretty clear now that after the pretty terrible turn of events over the last couple of months, everything has finally taken it’s toll on Toshiba and HD DVD and they have decided to throw in the towl and let Blu-Ray be declared the winner.

Personally I am pleased because I bought a PS3 and only have blu-ray. However, I also don’t have an HDTV so really its an added bonus for me since I really only bought the PS3 as a gaming system. It’s nice to know that when I do get an HD set I will already have the format I need.

On the other hand, I do feel bad for Toshiba even though I think Sony deserved to win a format war for once. In an ideal world they would have come to an agreement before this even started and just come up with one single format that people could adopt. Unfortunatly that wasn’t the case and Toshiba are forced to go and lick their wounds and undoubtedly come out with a blu-ray player of their own soon.

It’s going to be interesting to see how long it takes for the movie studios and manufacturers that were aligned with HD-DVD to switch to blu-ray if they do at all. Mostr natably for me on the hardware side of things, whether or not Microsoft will bring out a blu-ray adaptor for the Xbox 360.

So anyway It’s nice to finally have a conclusion to this whole thing so we can move on with Blu-Ray as our format of choice for this generation of devices, until theres another war, but I really hope there isn’t.

Also from a personal standpoint, this is great news for me as a PS3 owner and fan in that this is going to surely give PS3 sales a huge boost as it’s still the cheapest Blu-Ray player on the market.

One final point regarding the HD-DVD fail is regarding porn and how people said when HD DVD was adopted by the porn industry the war was effectively over. I never thought this because even though it may have been a deciding factor for some and may possibly have triggered some negative press for sony which would make other people thing twice before buying blu-ray, for the most part people these days won’t buy a dvd of porn when it’s so widely available online which is why it wasn’t as much of a deciding factor as it might have been during the betamax vs VHS war where VHS was the format of choice for the porn industry.
The only thing this whole thing has proven is that early adopters take a big risk and people who sit back and wait get the best results. There will always be early adopters though who will be willing to take those risks.