Discovering Heroes


I just watched an episode of Heroes the whole way through for the first time. I have seen bits of episodes but never really felt like sitting down and really watching until now but I feel like I’m really into it now and am excited to watch the rest of season 1 and season 2 when we get it over here on sci-fi. The show is really entertaining with the antics of the two japanese guys and thought provoking with the cheerleader who can regenerate. In the episode I saw, she was murdered by a guy at school and after she comes back to life during her autopsy, she sneaks out and goes home. The guy is stunned when she shows up at school. She acts friendly to him and asks for a lift. She then procedes to drive the car into a wall to kill them both before she presumibly regenerates.

Anyway, I’m enjoying it and am thinking about picking up the season one box set.