The late, post E3 gaming update

Last time I posted back in may I was talking about Nintendo and how they are known for their lateness and unfortunatly they don’t seem to have their mind focused on changing any time soon. Now that E3 has come and gone and they’ve announced Mario Kart Wii for next year in Q1, I can’t help but think that by Q1 they really mean June or July 08.

I get dissappointed watching these great press conferences where they’re so happy to report that all the big games but mario kart are coming out this year and while this is the case for Metroid and Mario Galaxy (both of which are out a month or two earlier in the US), it is not true of Smash brothers, and for me personally, while Metroid and Galaxy are fantastic games, I just don’t care. I suck at first person shooters despite how cool they look and never have the patience to get through a platformer despite how great galaxy looks. So for me I’m really dissapointed becasuse the wii will offer me absolutely nothing until at least march next year which isn’t good considering how long that still is away.

Away from the wii, I have said before several times that I was not that interested in either the PS3 or the Xbox 360. I remember posting that I would be more interested in the Xbox than the PS3 mainly because of price and blu-ray as well as the fact that we currently don’t have access to an HD TV. Since may I’ve changed my mind and only recently bought a PS3 jointly. I think the main reason we went ahead and took the plunge with a PS3 was due to the price drop. If there had not been the new bundle introduced with motorstorm and resistance plus an extra sixaxis I probably wouldn’t have given the proposition much thought at all and almost certainly wouldn’t have one now.

The price drop was announced just before we went away for the week and when we were at a cyber cafe while away I saw the new deals and instanty suggested we put our money together to make less of a dent in our wallets. Also, incidently, while we were away we had an opportunity to play on an Xbox 360 and I have to say while the blade interface impressed me for a while, I found myself finding it very tiresome very quickly.

Blu-Ray was always going to be something that defined either the success or failure of the PS3 in the end and it’s still not clear at all which way blu-ray is going. I said that Xbox was a better deal because of the price and the fact that they don’t force you to take the plunge with a next gen dvd player unless you want to buy the addon. Well, my view has changed and I would now argue that the PS3 is a better deal because with the new bundles, you get blu-ray, the games and extra pad for the same approximate cost as the Xbox without the HD DVD addon. That price of around £400 also includes the Xbox live subscription because I don’t think many people buy a new console to not play online and also the overpriced (£60 f-ing pounds!) wi-fi adaptor because the cable isn’t long enough to stretch to the router in the dining room. I still can’t understand to this day why they didn’t put wi-fi in the original version. The fact that it is still not in even the elite version now is totally rediculous to me and I don’t get their thinking at all there.

As far as the games go, I like some of the Xbox exclusives like halo 3 obviously, but the problem for me is I almost want to see microsoft fail with Halo 3 now as a punishment for over hyping it to a stupid amount really. I mean it will be a great game no doubt but it’s not the god game microsoft thinks it is. It’s going to be a big system seller for them and a huge cash cow but hopefully enough people can resist to give sony (who have the far superior, mostly error-free hardware and pretty much the same games for the most part) some sort of chance to get back into the race in the next year or so, which I’m fairly confident they will. They’re really chasing second place after nintendo because it’s clear they will become the market leader by early next year. I think in the end the faulty Xbox will cost microsoft, certainly from making any profit from the thing, but also from winning the race in this generation. If Sony were able to sell over 100 million PS2’s and still going and were also able to keep going in the face of huge adversity from all the negative criticisms they’ve taken over the PS3 so far then they can surely give microsoft a run for their money. Sony aren’t going to want to surrender their first place in the industry to Nintendo and Microsoft and they’re going to be coming back strong.

I guess we’ll see how much damage Halo 3 does and how Sony retaliates soon enough. Meanwhile Nintendo will continue their way to the top with Smash Bros, mario kart in 08, and later this year Metroid, Galaxy and others will help them out, not to mention strikers which just came out in the US and looks to be a fun party game.