More on Nintendo for 2007

Since the last post, it has become clearer that the three main games: mario galaxy, metroid prime and smash bros are coming out this year in the US. There hasn’t been any mention of a european release for either of these three games and considering we haven’t been given a date for pokemon diamond and pearl yet or super paper mario, both of which are out in the US, I don’t have much hope for these games being released this year.

One upside is that we do have mario strikers charged out a couple of months before the US but that’s going to be a small consolation for many gamers who are waiting for the big three titles for wii, not to mention zelda phantom hourglass for DS which has also been set for this year in the US.

I’m planning to pick up strikers soon and hopefully I can get my wii replaced so I can get online and play the game and download some old stuff and the web browser and maybe if we’re lucky we’ll be playing at least one of those big three games by the end of the year. I’m also hoping for pokemon battle revolution but even though that has been out in japan since launch, I still have my doubts. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Just touching on the other consoles briefly, I’m hoping for a very unlikely PS3 price decrease by the end of the year because I’d like to get the new NBA game and others because there’s just some games that don’t suit the wii remote and nunchuk and need better graphics to keep appealing to gamers. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to have a relatively cheap blu-ray player should blu-ray beat HD DVD which I would prefer at this point I think.